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2nd Amendment USA


2nd Amendment USA Racing – Complete Branding Project

In 2001 KP designed and produced the graphics for this same 36 ft Spectre Offshore Boat and branded the Zipp Express Offshore Team. In 2012 the new owners of the boat contacted MOTO Marketing Group to re-design the boat and team as the 2nd Amendment Offshore Racing Team. We developed the branding from the initial logo through every aspect of our marketing services we provide here, and then some.

This project included starting with the logos and initial boat designs. We then designed and developed a professional website that works seamlessly with the social media program and Google Analytics. All team branded materials such as websites, social media pages, shirts, hats, stickers, uniforms, trailers, trucks, flags, stickers, and all printed and digital promotional materials including photography and videos were designed developed and produced by the MOTO Marketing Group.

In 2015 we completely re-designed the boat again and re-vamped many of the promotional materials including photography and video program to use throughout the social media pages for the entire season. The newly branded 2nd Amendment USA racing team ended the 2015 Season with the SBI and OPA P3 World Championships.

KP has traveled with the team for the 2013- 2017 Seasons, Sponsored and Partnered up with the owners to help build this team and it’s related brands into nationally recognized Motorsports company.