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Trampstamp Gear

TrampStamp Gear – Branding Project

TrampStamp Gear started as a Brand Name for a new Motorcycle Seat that KP partnered in. The seats were unmanageable and dropped from the Brand. Currently TrampStamp Gear is trademarked by KP and being developed into a brand of gear that has evolved over 25 years of marketing, branding, ‘new’ media and promotional work into a single goal of building a retail biker Brand. TrampStamp’s main objective is to market TrampStamp Gear to the masses with an emphasis on female motorcycle riders and the traditional biker demographic.

The Branding Development started with the initial product name research, trademarking and developing and fulfillment of all the branding, marketing, products, packaging and related promotional materials. Stay tuned to watch a all new debut in 2015 for TrampStamp Gear right here on the MOTO Marketing Gear Store!