Google Advertising and Online Marketing

Using Google to  Advertise Online

Advertising Online is all about building a cohesive social and search ecosystem.  Your Website, Social Media and Google Information all work together to promote your business and brand.  MOTO Marketing Group can help you structure your Social Media and Google Business profile as well as create content to help drive advertising online.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a service that Google has developed to facilitate customers finding your business and services. Google My Business allows you to share your brand story, upload photos, list your business address, directions, hours, telephone number, map and reviews. Google My Business also allows you access to analytic insights as to how customers are interacting with your page. MOTO Marketing Group can help you set up a Gmail account that rolls in all of Google’s Business services to help you grow your business.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is Google’s online advertising platform.  Google Adwords works by building a list of Keywords relevant to your products or services, and when someone searches for related words, your ad will appear alongside their search results. Each click averages a different price when someone clicks on your ad or calls you, based on the type of business are advertising in the same field as you.  MOTO Marketing Group can help maximize your Google Ads while keeping cost-per-click down.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a system that MOTO Marketing Group can snap into your website which allows you to track ALL of the traffic coming to and from your website and social media. Google analytics tracks where your visitors come from, where they are located in the world, how they got to your site or social media, and which browsers and keywords they used to find your goods or services, and even what interests your customers have when they search online.  This allows us to create a cohesive branding strategy that can maximize your online exposure.


Youtube is the World’s second largest search engine, directly behind Google.  YouTube can be leveraged to host custom commercial content for your business.  MOTO Marketing Group can help you produce a professional video that showcases your goods or services.  That video can then be placed on your website and social media to help inform your customers and bring traffic back to your site.