NGK F1 Powerboat Championship 2018 Season Photos & Gallery Prints by MOTO-MG


Welcome to the All New MOTO Marketing Group’s
NGK F1PC Photo Gallery and Custom Print Shop.

Please choose which race and class by clicking on the gallery button above and scan through our photos we have posted from each race in 2018 to see some of our custom photography work.

If you would like to purchase a photo in the gallery click on it and follow the instructions on the 4 options we currently offer to purchase MOTO Marketing Group’s 2018 NGK F1PC Race Photos including in Raw Digital JPG format or Custom Prints on metal or metallic gallery paper and with or without the Custom NGK F1PC Logo and frame with the name of each race.

The gallery is just what we have chose to show in the Custom Print Shop Gallery, but we have dozens of photos from each race, of every boat, in every class and can get you pretty much any type of shot your looking for. If you would like to see more photos of your boat and team from any of the 2018 races just let us know and we can get them together for you to review. Any special order including photoshop or photo editing will include a $50.00 per hour set up fee.

You can purchase all the photos of your boat and team from each race that we have on file for $100.00 per a race or $300.00 for the entire season and we will clean and crop them accordingly to make sure they look their best for you too have full usage rights for whatever you want. We are averaging at least 20-50+ good photos of each boat per race weekend.

If for some reason you do not see how or what you are looking for in the store please call KP at 314-650-7979 to discuss your ordering needs.


Buy 5 of any photo or print options and get the final race 6 for FREE!

1. Digital 300 DPI 13 x 19 Photo Download – $20.00

2. 13 x 19 Metallic Gallery Paper Print – $40.00

3. 24 x 36 Metallic Gallery Paper Poster Print – $60.00

4. 12 x 18 Sublimated Chromalux Aluminum Print – $80.00


How To Order

1. Click Above on the Race Gallery Photo Buttons of your choice

2. Click on 1 of the 4 size and print options provided.

3. Click on With or Without Logo Race Border option.

4. Choose shipping or delivered to the next NGK F1PC event.

How To Hang Aluminum Prints

There are several ways to hang and display the 12”x18” Custom Chromalux Prints. They will fit in a standard 12”x18” frame without any glass needed. We’ve included 2 - 6” wood spacers with 2 sided tape for hanging on the wall and to create a shadow effect without framing.

Just take the backing off of the tape on each piece and stick flush to the 2 lines we have marked on the back of the aluminum print and use 2 evenly placed nails or screws to hang on the wall.

NOTE: The MOTO-MG Logo Watermark will NOT be printed on products ordered.