Justin Kussman


Justin Kussman

With more than 20 years of experience in the Graphic Design and Digital Media field, backed by a Master’s Degree in Media Communications, Justin Kussman brings heavy experience to the MOTO Marketing Group Team.  Justin’s design experience began in the late 90’s with creating print materials such as business cards, post cards, flyers and brochures, and quickly evolved into more diverse media such as web design, video production/editing and digital effects work.

After around 5 years in the design field, a former instructor asked Justin to bring his knowledge to future generations of designers at a University level.  Justin quickly adapted to teaching design and continues this practice because he loves helping others learn new skills in design and digital media creation. Justin currently teaches Art and Design, Web Design and Graphic Design at Lindenwood University.

Design and Creative Skills

  • Video Editing and Production

  • Video and CG effects

  • 3d Modeling and Animation

  • Game Design

  • Graphic Design

  • Branding and Logo Design

  • Page Layout

  • Package Design

  • Web Design and Content Development

  • WordPress Development

  • Design and Branding Consultation