2nd Amendment Offshore Racing


The history of the 2nd Amendment boat is well documented in magazine articles and feature stories all the way back to 2000 when it debuted as Zipp Express. A look below the surface tells you there is more to this boat than meets the eye. Yes, the graphics on the boat have always stood out from the rest of the industry – from the vibrant colors and design when it was Zipp Express, all the way to today with the red, white and blue “We the People” zipping across the water.

What most people don’t know was the boat changed owners several times, including a stint when it was sitting on a lift behind a house in Florida.

That all changed when MOTO Marketing was asked to create a contemporary and dynamic design that launched the 2nd Amendment boat into the forefront of the race world and the media.

[blockquote]All of the branding for the boat was handled by MOTO Marketing Group including: logos, shirts, hats, trailer wraps, signature cards, posters, video production, website, social media and more was handled by MOTO Marketing Group. [/blockquote]

We specialize in high value branding and can take your team from obscurity to fame, just as we did for the 2nd Amendment race boat.