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Affordable Photography across the U.S.A. by MOTO Marketing Group

I have many years of experience as a creative director working with some of the best photographers in the business and developing some of the most iconic brand images in the world. I’ve learned alongside some of the industry’s leading photographers and now bring that knowledge to do much of the photography for my current clients myself. Our latest portfolio includes everything from architectural and construction, to tropical settings and even a wedding.

It really depends on what your wanting to do and have a budget for. I will shoot anything you want, but will discuss expectations beforehand to make sure we are the correct photographer you need. If not, I will try to connect you with one of my other friends in the industry that could provide a better final product.

MOTO Marketing Group has the experience, along with a keen eye and the resources needed to consistently capture that perfect look or moment. Our photography, combined with digital retouching skills, can create, manipulate, enhance and transform your images to be unbelievably-believable.

NGK F1 Powerboat Championship Nashville Tennessee 2018 MOTO Marketing Group-80

F1 Powerboat Photography

This gallery is of all 6 races from the 2019 NGK F1 Powerboat Championship Season. Here you can view and purchase the digital photo or custom print of some of the top shots we took form the 2019 NGK F1 Powerboat Championship Season. KP travels with the NGK F1PC series as the official photographer.


Florida Keys Photography

We love the Florida Keys and are down there regularly working on the Southernmost Sunset brand with team member Krusty. This gallery includes a variety of subjects and landscapes from around the Florida Keys

Guana Cay Island by MOTO-MG 23

Guana Cay Bahamas Photography

KP spent his 50th birthday on Guana Cay Island in the Bahamas and took this opportunity to populate the MOTO Stock photography catalog with photos from all over the island that you can not get from anywhere else.