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Southernmost Sunset

Southernmost Sunset is the result of over twenty years of sunset photography, experiences and geographical knowledge content provided by Krusty (Micael Quirk) and his life and times since he first moved to the Florida Keys in 1993.

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Seebold Racing

KP has been marketing and sponsoring Bill, Tim, Mike and Seebold Racing since 1997. The first time he branded the Bud Light Team was a full blown complete team branding project that included a complete full color wrap on the hauler and trailer.

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2nd Amendment USA

In 2001 KP designed and produced the graphics for this same 36 ft Spectre Offshore Boat and branded the Zipp Express Offshore Team. In 2012 the new owners of the boat contacted MOTO Marketing Group to re-design the boat and team as the 2nd Amendment Offshore Racing Team.

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Trampstamp Gear

TrampStamp Gear started as a Brand Name for a new Motorcycle Seat that KP partnered in. The seats were unmanageable and dropped from the Brand. Currently TrampStamp Gear is trademarked by KP and being developed into a brand of gear that has evolved over 25 years of marketing, branding, ‘new’ media and promotional work into a single goal of building a retail biker Brand.

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Pole Position Design Package

KP has worked with Mike Johnson, owner of ArchAngel Motorsports, on several cool racing projects over the years. In 2002 he developed the complete branding of the Budweiser Road Race Team that included the car Jeff Clinton was killed in during the season’s 1st race in Miami.

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