Budweiser Biker Babe 2005 Laconia Bike Week Big Dog Motorcycle Poster


  • Laconia Bike Week Edition
  • 19”x 27” Classic Biker Babe Motorcycle Man Cave Poster with a Playboy Model and Big Dog Motorcycle
  • Kept in a climate controlled condition since creation
  • Straight from the original designer / producer to you

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These posters have been kept in a climate controlled container since the day they came off the press, are in immaculate condition and there will never be anything like them produced ever again.

In 2005 Anhueser-Busch approached me at my former agency XG-ad and contracted us to revamp the Budweiser Brand for the U.S. Biker Motorcycle Events and Markets. Their research had shown a drop in popularity in Budweiser Beer amongst Bikers and we needed to develop a new approach to fix it.  This poster was our first step to take the entire Biker World by storm.

We started with the first Budweiser girlie poster that A-B had contracted to be produced in a few years. I had worked on several others throughout my career and was happy to bring back an AB Marketing Tradition. The 2005 Bike Week Promotion started with this poster and we chose Playboy model Mandy for it. The Motorcycle was rented from St. Louis Big Dog for $500.00. I had told them to let us use it for free and we would make them famous with this poster, but they didn’t like that idea, so we Photoshopped everything that said Big Dog off of the bike completely.

This was shot at the Glass Factory in downtown St. Louis and we then photo-imaged a different logos for each Bike Week onto her shirt to differentiate each separate MC event around the country that year.

This was the best selling AB poster at that time and did a couple of million dollars in sales to the distributors before it was ever even printed. The successful campaign was great success for Budweiser and for my agency and made XG-ad the new Budweiser Biker Agency of choice up until the In-Bev take over in 2009.

These posters were created in a generic version with no logos on Mandy’s shirt and then customized for several different Bike Week events using the logo for each photo imaged onto her shirt. The Bike Week events we have preserved are Sturgis, Daytona Beach, Laconia, Myrtle Beach and a generic plain version. Please select what version of poster you want to purchase from the store.