Budweiser Biker Babe 2008 America Bike Weeks Custom Chopper Motorcycle Poster


  • 19”x 27” Classic Biker Babe Motorcycle Man Cave Poster with a Scrubs TV Show Model and Custom Chopper Motorcycle
  • Kept in a climate controlled condition since creation
  • Straight from the original designer / producer to you
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These posters have been kept in a climate controlled container since the day they came off the press, are in immaculate condition and there will never be anything like them produced ever again.

For this 2006 Budweiser Sturgis Biker Girlie Poster I had a girlfriend at the time and wasn’t involved with most of the process. I know the model was from the TV show Scrubs and the Motorcycle was a complete locally built custom.

We had Harley, Big Dog and all of them calling the 2nd year to get their bike on the poster. We decided to go with a one off custom and show them all who’s boss. This was the year that we developed the epic Budweiser Flaming Eagle Motorcycle logo that you can find in almost every biker bar around the world that is in the upper right hand corner of this poster. We also developed a full line of Point of Purchase items and Marketing Plan that carried through all the biggest MC events around the country.

The motorcycle and the model were shot together in our studio and then we photo imaged several background stock photographs that related to that area of the country that each Bike Week was located.

These posters were created in a generic version with no logos and then customized for several different Bike Week events using the logo for each photo imaged onto her shirt. The Bike Week events we have preserved are Sturgis, ?, ? and a generic plain version. Please select what version of poster you want to purchase on the dropdown below.