Budweiser Motorsports Proto Type 2 Road Racing Car 2002 Team Poster


  • 18”x 24”
  • Kept in a climate controlled environment
  • Straight from the original creator and producer of the poster
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These posters have been kept in a climate controlled container since the day they came off the press and are in immaculate condition.

This poster was commissioned by Anheuser-Busch in 2002 for the owner of Grey Eagle Distributing at the time Jeff Clinton. I had introduced Jeff and JT the year before and they put together a road racing team package with Mike Johnson from Arch Angel Motorsports, brought on Budweiser as the title sponsor and had me brand the entire team creating a new epic motorsports brand.

We designed the cars, trailers and all the promotional items that went with it that were to be used at the race events around the country. Unfortunately Jeff was killed in this Car during practice at the very first race in Miami and never even saw the posters. It was requested that I destroy all the printed material and I did with the exception of these few posters. This is a very rare print that never made into the public before the accident. JT is also featured on this poster and later was killed racing the Big Thunder Offshore boat in Key West in 2011. Jeff and JT were the best 2 clients and friends that anyone in my position could ever wish for and missed dearly.