Budweiser Biker Babe 2007 Myrtle Beach Bike Weeks Custom Bobber Motorcycle Poster


  • 19”x 27” Classic Biker Babe Motorcycle Man Cave Poster with a Playboy Model and Custom Bobber Motorcycle
  • Kept in a climate controlled condition since creation
  • Straight from the original designer / producer to you

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These posters have been kept in a climate controlled container since the day they came off the press, are in immaculate condition and there will never be anything like them produced ever again.

By 2007 my advertising agency XG-ad had already made Budweiser Beer the King of the Bikers. Anheuser-Busch stupid up the budget and hired us again to produce a full blown marketing campaign and try to top the previous years. We chose March 2005 Playmate Tiffany Selby and a locally built custom bobber motorcycle to photograph for the Poster and Point of Sale materials to be used around the country and the major Bike Week events.

This time the marketing team at Anheuser-Busch couldn’t decide between the 2 different shots of Tiffany in 2 different Biker Babe outfits. So, we used them both and keep the same fabulously photo imaged biker bar background for them all. We also developed a life sized 2 sided stand up of the model and bike like never done before check it out below. Take a look at the video below and see how much photo imaging it takes to pull off a masterpiece Biker Girl Poster like this.

These posters were created in a generic version with no logos and then customized for several different Bike Week events using the logo for each photo imaged onto her shirt. The Bike Week events we have preserved are Sturgis, Myrtle Beach,  and a generic America version.