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Pole Position Design Package


Pole Position – Complete Branding Project

KP has worked with Mike Johnson, owner of ArchAngel Motorsports, on several cool racing projects over the years. In 2002 he developed the complete branding of the Budweiser Road Race Team that included the car Jeff Clinton was killed in during the season’s 1st race in Miami.

Mike purchased a Pole Position Kart Racing Franchise and hired MOTO Marketing Group to manage everything from complete track branding and decorations, to a new custom website and social media startup plan. The Pole Position Franchise had a developed brand in place, so our job was to take that corporate look and carry it through the entire marketing plan, while keeping it consistent with the existing ArchAngel brand.

Many signs and banners were created, printed and hung as a tribute to our friends JT and Jeff Clinton. All the large format print banners and signage around the track and even the company truck were designed, developed and produced through our group of suppliers. MOTO Marketing Group set up the social media pages and then created all the initial content with videos, photos and complete company information throughout the build-out and up to the Grand Opening. We then turned-keyed the files, content and reigns over to the in-house staff.