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Mile 277

Mile-277-Sauce-Logo By MOTO Marketing Group

Mile 277 – Complete Branding Project

This project entailed building a entire night club from the ground up and included everything from designing a custom branded chopper to designing custom chrome figures of a biker dude and hitch hiking chick for the restroom door signage.

Everything that needed to be produced menus, decorations, photography tag lines, you name it was done by the MOTO Marketing Group. We developed a Social Media Program that was off the hook for the Official Grand Opening. We increased the fan base throughout the entire build-out of the Nightclub and the Brand, from the ground up.

After just 3 months of developing and popularizing the brand when Mile 277 actually opened in April of 2011 the Facebook page was already hugely popular all over St. Louis, with well over 3,000 fans cheering it on.