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Elite Tile 1


Elite Tile 1- Complete Branding Project

I have known Steve Brown since we were 3 years old, so we chose his small, one man company, as an example of how to properly develop a professional branding plan for a small business. This included a complete corporate identity package with a new logo, professional website, Facebook page and promotional printed materials. This made his brand stand out from, look more professional and work better than the larger shops he competes with. Steve provided all of the content needed to showcase his work and experience in the St. Louis Tile Setting Industry. This included his history, experience, services and photos of his best work. We took all the information, organized it by writing correct, professional copy that was easy to understand and used it throughout the branding, printed materials, website and social marketing.

MOTO Marketing Group developed a clean and simple 2 color logo. This allowed for cheap 2 color printing and vinyl for t-shirts and van graphics. We set up the custom website with a live Facebook window feed that keeps the page fresh by displaying the most recent projects posted from the Elite Tile 1 Facebook business page. This allows easy daily updates that can be done via mobile and keeps traffic linking through the website as well. We finished by correctly setting up and monitoring Steve’s Google ads and Facebook ads campaigns that were used to lead potential customers to the website for a free in home estimate.