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Trampstamp Gear

TrampStamp Gear – Branding Project

TrampStamp Gear started as a Brand Name for a new Motorcycle Seat that KP partnered in. The seats were unmanageable and dropped from the Brand. Currently TrampStamp Gear is trademarked by KP and being developed into a brand of gear that has evolved over 25 years of marketing, branding, ‘new’ media and promotional work into a single goal of building a retail biker Brand. TrampStamp’s main objective is to market TrampStamp Gear to the masses with an emphasis on female motorcycle riders and the traditional biker demographic.

The Branding Development started with the initial product name research, trademarking and developing and fulfillment of all the branding, marketing, products, packaging and related promotional materials. Stay tuned to watch a all new debut in 2015 for TrampStamp Gear right here on the MOTO Marketing Gear Store!

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Elite Tile 1


Elite Tile 1- Complete Branding Project

I have known Steve Brown since we were 3 years old, so we chose his small, one man company, as an example of how to properly develop a professional branding plan for a small business. This included a complete corporate identity package with a new logo, professional website, Facebook page and promotional printed materials. This made his brand stand out from, look more professional and work better than the larger shops he competes with. Steve provided all of the content needed to showcase his work and experience in the St. Louis Tile Setting Industry. This included his history, experience, services and photos of his best work. We took all the information, organized it by writing correct, professional copy that was easy to understand and used it throughout the branding, printed materials, website and social marketing.

MOTO Marketing Group developed a clean and simple 2 color logo. This allowed for cheap 2 color printing and vinyl for t-shirts and van graphics. We set up the custom website with a live Facebook window feed that keeps the page fresh by displaying the most recent projects posted from the Elite Tile 1 Facebook business page. This allows easy daily updates that can be done via mobile and keeps traffic linking through the website as well. We finished by correctly setting up and monitoring Steve’s Google ads and Facebook ads campaigns that were used to lead potential customers to the website for a free in home estimate.

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Charity Design Jobs

Patriot Arms – Complete Branding Project

KP’s mom was saved from Polio in 1957 by the March of Dimes. She spent a entire year in a iron lung and was the first little girl they had saved from Polio in Missouri. The first year MOTO Marketing Group went all out and did a huge new full blown campaign including a photo shoot of the 2 sisters. We then carried the new brand through several marketing outlets including a custom website, magazine ads and billboard campaign. In 2012 we came back to do it again by shooting 2 local riders, one on a Harley and one on a Street bike to carry across the client’s theme of, “It’s not what you ride… It’s who you ride for!” We have helped out with all the logos, advertising, ride patches, and shirts for the last four years in a row.

For 2013 we helped by promoting a FREE live concert by Divine Sorrow the morning of the ride, dedicated to the remembrance of Linda Sue Pyles. Responder Rescue In 2013 we created an ad for the Responder Rescue Poker MC Run. This huge ride and event is thrown by 2 strip clubs over in Sauget Illinois. We used 3 of the ladies that worked in the club for a professional photo shoot using St. Louis Photographer Steve Truesdell. We shot downtown in the middle of St. Louis at the World Famous Shady Jacks. Midwest Bike Fest The Head Injury Center of St. Louis was looking for someone to help brand and promote and new MC charity event and got a hold of me to help get it started. We designed a nice MC looking logo that was used on all the print and web materials as well as a really nice patch. We also created the ad and handled the printing of the flyers.

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Big Thunder

Big-Thunder-Signature-Card by MOTO Marketing Group

Big Thunder – Complete Branding Project

“On labor Day weekend 2011, I went down to visit my good friend JT at the Lake of the Ozarks just as I had done every year for the past 20 years. When I got there JT and Todd Beckman were in the pool and JT was excited about racing. He asked me what it would take for me to do my thing and help him do all the marketing for the comeback of Big Thunder Motorsports and Marina, which he had just recently invested in with it’s former owner Bob Morgan. They were going to race Key West and wanted to blow it up in a big way. Within a hour we were on the way to the shop to pay for the 4 new 1400 HP motors that were coming in that day for the big race and the cameras started rolling. This was the first time I was going to take on a entire project of this magnitude by myself. Starting with initial layouts of the print promotional items, which I had been doing for years, to all the high resolution photography in order to produce the pieces.
We went down to the Lake in October to shoot the guys and boat. Big Thunder didn’t have the motors in it yet, so we decided to shoot it on the trailer out in front of Nauti Marine, were it was being dialed in for the race. I first shot Bob and JT in the shop using an old work light and then went outside to shoot the boat on the trailer from the roof of my truck.

It was funny when Bob saw the pencil layout of the poster that we were going for he said… “Well why can’t we just use that drawing, so we don’t have to take my picture?” JT laughed and let Bob borrow his sunglasses for the final Shot. He said, “Here put these on and smile, KP is going to make us famous.”
Little did I know that the portraits I was taking that day would be their last and later would be used for so much. After designing, producing and printing the signature cards and posters, we made a viral video and started virally promoting Big Thunder’s Come Back throughout the internet.

The plan was to go to Key West to capture the story and make a movie about the comeback of Big Thunder Motorsports. I was to take photos and videos of the entire adventure, then come back and help start a complete new branding and marketing plan for the Race Team and Marina as well. Unfortunately Big Thunder Flipped during the first race and took Bob and JT’s lives. I continued filming and posting throughout the entire ordeal as JT had asked. The art created for the promotional items has now been used on their resting places as well as memorial items and tributes around the country. The project is on going and probably will be for the rest of my life. I have hours of raw video and 1000’s of pictures from the trip and will be producing and movie about as soon as I have the capital and capabilities to do so. I am very proud to have my work and art being used to tribute these 2 great men… RIP 100!” – Kevin Pyles-The Prez

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Anheuser Busch – Branding Projects

I started developing marketing and branding materials for Anheuser-Busch as a graphic designer at Gray Communications and Marketing in 1993. In 1997 I founded Xtreme Graphix, and began working with the King of Beers again through out the life and shut down of XG-ad in 2011. Growing up in St. Louis working for Anheuser-Busch was a advertising designer’s dream. For nearly 2 decades I was lucky enough to live like a king as I Marketed and Promoted some of the biggest Brands, People and Events in the World… Including several of my friends that raced the Bad Ass AB machines that I had the pleasure of putting my designs and name on for so many years.

During this time I enjoyed the benefits of working for the King of Beers to it’s fullest. I gained unearthly Marketing knowledge and experiences that the average human being could not comprehend. I had years of training unavailable to others and watched hundreds of success and failures of marketing and design projects on the highest corporate levels. I have dealt with every type of artist, employee and client that the Devil can throw at you and learned from some of the most creative humans in this world. I took this knowledge, both good and bad and used it to build my new business model the MOTO Marketing Group